About EarnYourBody Apparel

I re-started by fitness journey about 7 years ago. I was a former athlete (baseball player) who was no longer getting back in the gym. But as I did, I realized comparing myself to everyone else was going to get me nowhere. I also needed something to motivate myself, and the way to do that was by telling others. That is when #EarnYourBody was born! Not only did it become something that motivated me to keep pushing myself, my mind and my body, but it was also something that meant a ton to me.

I have learned you can not strive to be someone else. You can only become the best you. And that is why the Your in the logo is different. It's about Earning YOUR Body, no one else's. So one can take that away from you, your struggles, sacrifices, hours in the gym. It's all about developing yourself, and that is what this brand is to me.